My Special Fannie May passed
away  during labor 2006. She
is  missed so very much!!
3-7-00 to 12-28-06
Audrey came here
foundered .
I worked on her feet and in
2005.... ,She walked into
the show ring.
3-5-98 to 6-4-06
Dreams can come true. Keep your heart open to dreams,
For as long as there's a dream,, there is hope, and as long as there is hope,
there is Joy in Living.
" unknown Author"
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Death leaves a Heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a Memory no one can steal
Amy  Died January 26,08
She was one of my first
unregistered goats.
Not Sure of her age but she gave
so much to me,,,But before she
passed  ..she gave me ..1 Doe ,,,
Little Amy's Amy  & 2 Bucks
Dot Net was one of my first show
Does, she loved going & being
Dot   left  a super nice doe kid,
behind. Many thanks to her..
for who she was........
died  Feb 25,2008 after triples!!!
Messenger died Aug.29,08
He became a star buck,
,Type project &  permanent
Champion before leaving
me. He has many daughters
here & his last LA score was
a 91.He was a sweet heart .
I have  one son, Midas
that I am sure will follow in
Messenger steps....
Just 4 Goats Kiss Me Honey
passed away Feb, 4,2011
Kiss me- had  a long way to go before returning to her BEAUTY.
She was working  HARD on it,,,she had a strong will.....
Kiss me gave all she could but  she really never had a chance..After being starved.
she loved to EAT !!!  Kisses along with it !!! and would talk your ears off!!!

sire:  GCH Messenger
+*B  LA 91 EEV
Dam: CH Honey Pie    LA 90 VEEV
Yearling at  sale
2 months after returning
Day of return
Just "4" Goats Peach Pie 2
     1-6-05    - 2-4-11
Peach passed away leaving some
of the BEST..
Black Honey ,her daughter
placed 18th at the
2010 Nationals. Sure wish I had
kept more of her daughters...
she has left her mark on this
Herd too...
Moore's-Meadow PT Fresca  6*M  
2-20-06      4-21-11
My love for goats has always been
for Nubians BUT this togg  Doe took
my heart.  I get  tears  in my eyes
everytime I say her name...
was one of a kind...
Just"4" Goats  King Midas *B
2-14-07      4-21-11
I had to  put Midas down due to some
problems. Midas put some of the best
udders on his daughters. Jodene and
Baby Jane are just 2 of his daughters...
Sand Rock Acres Bossie  1 *M   
Its so sad to say good-bye to the
ones you loved so much....that left
that mark on you...Lost her during
Kid season.
SGCH   Just 4 Goats Jolene Jolene 3*M     2007  
LA  2010 88 VEEV
2009 LA  87 VVVV     LA 2008 V Ec V V
Jolene pass away June 10, 2013
Jolene was a grand daughter to Plain jane  & Full
sister to Black Betty. She was another super Doe
that put Sand Rock  Acres on the map.
Dogwood-Hollow R. Frosty   2000  
Final LA 88 VEE+
Frosty the oldest (13 yrs)of the Herd
passed on Sept.8,2013. She made one
last trip out to the pasture & on the way
back,she made her way over the
rainbow Bridge..
Fannie Dae   
Mary Jane     
Madam Medina
plain jane
SG Goldthwaite Diantha  9*M  
Over the long years of breeding & showing. I have come to the end
of many wonderful lifes of Does & bucks. I do
thank God for all he
has let come into my life with his beatuiful animals. All I can say is
it was worth every moment. The Joy, tears, will always be in my
soul & heart!  praise the Lord for such a Blessing....
CH Oakmoon Beatrice Lune 1*M   2005
LA 2011  88  VVEV
LA2010   86  VEV+
SG Sand Rock Acres It's Fancy
*3M  2009     LA 2012 87 VEEV   
LA2011  86         LA2010  
V+EcV          2009 LA VVVV
SGCH Sand Rock Acres Pandora*1    2009
LA 2014  90 VEEE   FINAL SCORE    LA 2013 90
LA 2012 86 VV+V       LA 2011   87 VVVV
SG Sand Rock Acres Baby Jane  3*M-    
LA 2014 88 VEEV
LA2013  91 EEEE
LA 2012   86 VEV+      
LA 2011 EcEcV Ec
LA2010  +V++
Sand Rock Acres Honey In Red 3*M 1-13-12
2015 LA 87 EV+V           LA 2014  85 VVV+
LA 2013  EcVEcEc           LA 2012 VVVV
Mattielil' Farm AP Chloe 1*M    3/17/12
2015 LA 89 VEEE
LA 2014 86 VVVV
LA2013  VVEcV
SG Sand Rock Acres Jodene *4
2009   LA 2014  89 EEEV
SG Just 4 Goats Black Betty  3*M    
2013 LA91 EEEE  Final Score
Sand Rock Acres Screaming Betty
SG  Sand Rock Acres Rapture 2*M- 12/30/10
Sand Rock Acres That's it  Snow *B     2/9/12
LA 2013 89 VEV
LA 2012  VV+V
LSP Farm Matthew

Sire:CH Pruittville's Hucks Voyage
Dam: Pruittville's Cayenne Pepper