About My Dairy Goats



Sand Rock Acres Dairy Goat herd located in Wilmer, Alabama came into existence about 12 years ago. Back then, I would
have never thought that in 2007 I would be raising such a beautiful and successful herd of show quality Nubian goats.
I have to admit that the reason I have goats is because of the simple fact that I have always appreciated the personality of
goats. They are just plain ole enjoyable to be around.  I realized I had plenty of room to raise some livestock..    I started
going to the local auction sale barn to purchase goats that needed someone  like me to "rescue" them. At that time, I
wouldn't pay over $30.00 for any one goat. Most of those goats had not been handled much by humans so I would have to
bring them home and work with them in order to just teach them that it was okay for me to touch them. Once I began to
earn their trust, I could  work with them to trim their hooves, worm them and grow them to good health. My goal  was to
eventually find them a perfect home where they would continue to grow and flourish. I  learned a lot about goats in those
early years and really appreciated the way the goats would all become tame and show their  trust in me for what I had done
for them while they were in my care. I always purchased does and I never did buy any bucks, I am pretty  sure I remember
every one of those  does that came to my farm so long ago. I am
very sure that I am grateful for what they all taught me
during those early years. Had  it not been for all of those goats, I wouldn't be where I am today.
It wasn't long before my reputation for raising pretty and healthy goats began to bring other people who raised goats into
my world. "Word got around" that if someone needed help with one of their goats that I would be willing to help them.  I
would help them out by making suggestions on  wormers to use, feed options, and medicines for other ailments particular to
goats. There really wasn't anywhere else in the area for these people to find the products that  were necessary to maintain
a goat in healthy condition. I was always happy to share my products and ideas with them.  Before long, when people had a
sick goats, they would bring them to me and I would do all I could to help make them better. I treated all of those goats
like they were my own. Some people even brought their goats to me to help them with their hoof trimming. I really enjoyed
meeting other people who liked goats as much as I did and  it was very fulfilling for me to be able to help them all. It didn't
take me long to realize I was in a perfect position to provide a great service in my community and surrounding area for
others who raised goats too.  
Registered dairy goats slipped into my world in 2002. It was then that I was given the opportunity to get my first
regisitered Nubian. It was a little bottle baby buck named Robert.
As of the summer of 2007 he is with me still. Check out my goat pages to learn more  about my regisitered  herd of dairy
goats. I am so proud of them all. They each have a story to tell so I hope you enjoy staying a while at my site to learn more
about them!
In 2003, I retired from my 20 years at my full-time job which gave me more time to work with my registered dairy goats,
It was around this time that I attended my first goat show. I have been hooked on showing ever since!!!