My Senior Nubian Does 2
Best Junior Doe in Show &
Grand Champion -Raymond, Ms  2010
SG Sand Rock Acres Brianna 10 *M -     2010
LA 2014  87 V +EV             LA 2012  87 EEE+
LA 2011  ++V+               LA2010  VVEcV
Meant 2 Be Blair   3/27/2016

Sire: CH Foxwood Montage's Sir Newton
Dam: Meant 2 Be Bambi
Sand Rock Acres Panda   4/8/14
2015 LA VEcVV
Sand Rock Acres Trudys Treasure
Sire; Sand Rock Acres That's it Snow *B
Dam:  GCH Bama Belles Trudy
LSP Farm Kit-Kat    2/2/2013
Sire: Pruittville's VG Huck's Voyage
Dam: Pruittville's Starburst
So proud of my LSP girls, Thank you : Sam & Layton
Pruittville's N/R Serenity  1/20/2015
Sire: Pruittville's E/H Super Nitro
Dam: Pruittville's Rejoice