My Foundation
Years ago... I started with 4 does & 3 Bucks,that  
started everything, it would lead me down a path of pure
passion and the love of Goats.
They have all passed on but has left many
sons,daughters, grand kids & great grand kids with tears
in my heart being I miss them so.
The herd was made from them. Never to leave my thoughts.
A special page has been made for them..
.in honor of all
they gave to me...Thank you ,LORD
If You have that kind of Love & passion please click on
"Just a Goat".
Heavens  Dream Snow Cloud    + +B
Final LA 2008      91    EEE
CH Just "4" Goats  Mighty Joe
Young   +B
LA 2010  87 VEV
LA 2009  86        LA2008    87   
SGCH Heavens Dream Caliente's Spice  1*M       2003
Final Score LA 2009 91 EEEE
LA 2008  91  EEEV
SGCH   Full-Circle Plain Jane  1*M  
LA 2008   88  E+Ev final Score
LA 2007   91 EEEV
Heavens Dream Joy of Rapture  1*M      2002
Final Score LA 2008    92   EEEE
CH Heavens Dream SLJ Honey Pie    2001  
Final LA   90 VEEV
CH Full-Circle Messenger *B
LA 2007 91 EEV